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The MDLA is an organization comprised of labs, individual CDTs, and product & service suppliers from Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wisconsin. There are many benefits in being a member of the MDLA, but probably the most advantageous is our Northland Exhibition held the fall of each year. We offer two full days of educational programs, an opportunity to network with peers, and the chance to meet with vendors and see new products in our industry. 


Laboratory Membership

Laboratory Member shall consist of any lab with 2 or more technicians on payroll. The cost of this membership is $175 per year.


Owner/Operator Membership

Owner/Operator Membership shall consist of those labs with the owner being the sole technician on the payroll. The cost of this membership is $125 per year.


Technician Membership 

Technician Membership shall consist of technicians or CDTs who have no ownership in a commercial dental lab. The cost of this membership is $50 per year.


Affiliate Membership

Affiliate membership shall consist of dental laboratories of University dental schools, noncommercial dental laboratories, schools of dental technology, manufacturers, suppliers, and retailers. The cost of this membership is $125 per year.