Throwback Thursday with Fred Trachsel


Happy 86th Birthday Fred Trachsel!

Born in 1933 in Black River Falls, Wisconsin.  Fred Trachsel has spent the last 68 years as a dental lab technician.  We are so honored to have part of the Trachsel family on the board of the MDLA. Fred’s grandson Jacob Trachsel is Vice President of the MDLA.  Jacob is sharing with us how Fred answered two very important questions.  His answers show what passion Fred has for this profession. Thank you Fred for sharing your story and your love of being a dental lab technician with us.  

What does it mean to you to be a dental technician?

Being a dental technician is a sense of pride to me. It has been for 68 years! I’ve never had to work, it has always been fun. I’ve never had a rush job, to me it’s simply the next job. I'm a licensed barber, licensed pilot and the Trachsel farm is still in our name. You can probably see that being a dental technician means to me more than any of the many things I could have done. I am so proud of my wife Ramona, for the past 63 years she has been at my side working, helping, understanding and encouraging me. Now we have two sons and two grandsons that we are so very proud of working at Trachsel Dental Studio.

I think they know how proud I am and how much it means to be a dental technician.

 I still work half days…5am-5pm and absolutely love it!

What has the MDLA meant to you?

It's a sense of pride to be a member of the MDLA. I enjoy the fellowship, good friends, and fun to seeing other husbands and wives sharing information and stories. It's great to see more female members within the MDLA. It would be nice to have more members like the good old days. I have always been proud to be an MDLA member and always will be. I’m a former board member, father of a past president, brother-in-law of a past president and now a grandfather of the current vice president Jacob Trachsel. 

Yes, indeed the MDLA has been and will always mean a lot to me.

Fred Trachsel CDT 45 years



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